Every morning you have two choices: to continue to sleep with your dreams,

or wake up and chase them…

Almost like a massage for the mind


I am an artist, healer, traveller, social entrepreneur, and a human being. I am no different from you. We are all the same, though our experiences and realities shape us in ways that affect us sometimes even more than we realise.
My passion and purpose is to help people release their fears and live your life according to your terms. In the words of the serenity prayer: to learn to accept the things you cannot change, to have courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Since I was a young child I was strongly connected to spirits and was fascinated by healing using natural remedies, particularly the power of crystals.

I struggled to fit in so I tried to conform to the ‘norm’. As a result, I suffered with depression and anxiety during my teens and twenties, but a reconnection to my spiritual self sparked my recovery when I met with Dr Brian Weiss and explored past life regression. This freed the fears that were compounding me and reconfirmed our existence beyond our mere physical presence.

We can try to be something we’re not, but the universe always guides our soul back to its true path. A series of synchronistic events unfolded from India to Bali to Thailand that led me to become a shamanic practitioner again in this lifetime.

I know what it’s like to be afraid. To fear failure, rejection, embarrassment, shame. I also know what it’s like to let go of these crippling fears and what relief that brings.

Sophie is like a calm peach in a sea of chutney!


You’re such a magical being. Thank you Sophie!


“I am stronger than fear”

 – Malala Yousafzai