What is Light Therapy?

 Light therapy quickly and easily brings the user into a deep meditative state. It can be beneficial for stress relief, improving sleep, lessening anxiety, or learning or improving behaviours. 

Give people light and they will find their way

Ella Baker

What is the Ajna Light?

The Ajna Light is a therapeutic tool that was designed as an alternative approach to therapy and can be used as a gateway tool for exploring realms of consciousness.

Using powerful neural stimulating brainwave technology, the Ajna light can quickly and effectively induce altered states of consciousness, provoking anything from deep relaxing meditation to more extraordinary experiences.

By activating the pineal gland, or third eye, the light can aid your meditation practice, regardless of your stage or experience. Even those who have had challenges with meditation in the past, recount positive and often surprising experiences with the light. This is one of the beauties of it – it is for everyone – the light meets you where you are and takes you where you need to be.

There are a multitude of benefits of using to using the Ajna light, including:

  • Improved decision making
  • Clarity of mind and emotions
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increase in quality sleep
  • Development of intuition
  • Better sense of connection to larger reality
  • Improved creativity
  • Out of body and astral projection experiences

Whether you’re an individual or practitioner, if you’re interested in purchasing an Ajna light for yourself, please feel free to contact me for more information or advice.

What is the Neuro Light?

The Neuro Light is a tool designed for total brain wellness. There are 3 aspects to it that essentially help to exercise, train and nourish your brain. Whatever the state of your brain it can be better tomorrow!

Did you know that contrary to common beliefs, your brain is capable of dynamic change throughout your lifetime?

The three interrelated components of the Neuro Light, when combined together, help to improve total brain wellness. The ‘Brain Gym’ is like exercise for your brain, focusing on the neuroplasticity of your brain –  the capability of the nervous system to change. Your brain has ability to essentially re-wire itself, compensating for injury and disease, and the Neuro Light can help to accelerate this ability dramatically.

The ‘Brain Skills’ section contains over 80 function specific brain training programmes, and is the learning aspect of the light. These programmes are targeted learnings that include:

  • Less Anxiety
  • Day Cycle Synchronisation (helps to improve sleep patterns)
  • More Motivation
  • More Concentration
  • Mood Lift
  • and many more!

The Neuro Light brain food, or “Nasal Light” essentially provides nutrition for your brain. It is a separate component in the form of a portable light that connects to and delivers stimulation through your nasal cavity. It helps to maintain sustained energy to your brain so that it can do wonderful and complex tasks.

There are a multitude of benefits of using to using the Neuro Light, including:

  • Fortifying memory and concentration
  • Supporting the aging/challenged brain
  • Better refreshing sleep patterns
  • Reducing dependency habits
  • “Unlearning” the emotional reactions to chronic pain
  • Learning to let go of anxiety and depression
  • Deepening meditation experiences
  • Psychological & spiritual exploration
  • Accelerating learning
  • Promoting higher intelligence
  • Supporting challenged young minds
  • Increasing fresh learning capabilities

Whether you’re an individual or practitioner, if you’re interested in purchasing an Neuro Light for yourself, please feel free to contact me for more information or advice.

What is Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy?

 Whether you want to stop smoking, tackle emotional eating, or instil a stronger sense of self confidence or self worth, hypnotherapy can help to make positive behavioural changes.

Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion, allowing unwanted habits or patterns to be removed, or new positive behaviour to be reinforced. Whether you want to stop smoking, to let go of limiting beliefs, or to manifest more love or abundance into your life, we can work on whatever you desire.

We are actually in a hypnotic state for a large portion of our day. We simply wouldn’t be able to function if we were in full conscious awareness, or beta state, all day. When you have arrived at a location but can’t quite remember the entirety of your journey, or when you have been daydreaming, it is because your brain has slipped into alpha brainwave state, where you are open to mental imagery and lucid dreaming while still alert and conscious.

During our hypnosis session, I will be taking you into theta brainwave state, allowing deep relaxation or dreamlike state, where the subconscious part of your mind is highly receptive to suggestion.

I can perform hypnosis either with or without the assistance of the Ajna or Neuro Light. Using the light during a hypnosis session allows you to drop into a deep, relaxed, meditative state with ease and can reduce the induction time of classical hypnotherapy methods. The light activates the pineal gland, or third eye, by using a flicker effect delivered through high powered LED lights. The experience is pleasant and relaxing and users report seeing kaleidoscopic colours and patterns and often stronger visions.

I will perform a customised hypnosis session on the particular issue you wish to address, whilst you enjoy the relaxing sensation of the light. Music will also guide you on your journey, further deepening the experience.

** Please contact me for a FREE consultation at least 24hrs in advance of booking a session **