Solar Eclipse Significance

Some of you may be aware of the significance of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, August 21st. In astrological terms this points to bold, confident changes leading to long-term success. Here’s my take on it.

If there’s something you want to change in your life, particularly if that is related to long-term goals, now is the time to focus on that and bring it into alignment!

The new moon represents a new beginning, a new cycle, but this is not just a new cycle of the moon, but also a new eclipse cycle that governs the next six months.
 This is an ideal time to make a fresh start.

A time to get rid of old behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve you. To get clear on your possibilities and goals. To live the life you truly desire and deserve.

Since August 13th, mercury has also been in retrograde. This is a time when we may feel frustrated or irritable at ourselves or others, and when we are often re-evaluating how we’re speaking both internally and externally.


What stories are you telling yourself?
Are these actually true?
How do you interpret the life you’re living?

Who are you? 

If you’re feeling timid right now, feel into those times when you felt courageous and brave. Notice any sensations that brings up in your body.

If you’re feeling invincible, is this actually a true projection, or pure bravado? Is there a conflict between what you feel internally and what you portray externally?

Get clear on what’s your story and what’s the truth.

The new moon and solar eclipse are in Leo, a sign of leadership. When expressed positively it takes up responsibility and is driven. When expressed negatively, it represents ego and arrogance.

But success brings danger of loss. And the potential of loss can ignite fear. Fear can yield negative emotions both in ourself and in others. Greed, envy, jealousy and hatred may be waiting in the wings.

So proceed with making these changes to your life, but with an awareness of those around you. Go forth with ambition and courage, but leave your ego and competitiveness at the door.

Tune into and pay attention to your intuition. Notice any signs.

This is a time for transformation, for shedding layers, for breaking habits and addictions and for embracing your true authentic self.

You will have the power and confidence to take risks and make changes in your life.

Adventure. Explore. Grow.

Spread your wings and fly like an eagle.