What is Shamanism?


Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. It is a method, not a belief system or a religion - it co-exists with established religions in many cultures.

Shamans are often called "see-ers" (seers), or "people who know" in their tribal languages, because they are involved in a system of knowledge based on firsthand experience.  It's based on personal experiments conducted to heal, to get information, or do other things. Shamanism is also not exclusionary. They don't say, "We have the only healing system." In a holistic approach to healing, the shaman uses the spiritual means at his or her disposal in cooperation with people in the community who have other techniques such as plant healing, massage, and bone setting. The shaman's purpose is to help the patient get well, not to prove that his or her system is the only one that works.

What is really important about shamanism is that there is another reality that you can personally discover…we are not alone

Michael Harner

During a shamanic healing session I will connect with my helping spirits to perform a diagnosis on you, and, with their assistance will then proceed to administer spiritual healing which may include extraction of spiritual intrusions, soul portion retrieval and power animal retrieval.

Power Animal Retrieval:  Your power animal(s) are helping spirits that guide and protect you. They may have been with you from a young age, but without frequent acknowledgement or communication they can disappear. But they are often happy to return to you. You may have more than one power animal at different stages of your life that can assist you in different ways. During our session I will make a shamanic journey to retrieve your power animal(s) and reintroduce you to each other. Once your have an awareness of your power animal you can call on them anytime you feel the need for extra guidance, support or protection. It is useful to frequently engage with your power animal and you may like to keep a picture of them nearby, eat foods they enjoy, or if possible, visit them in nature.

Soul Portion Retrieval:  Shamans believe that when we experience trauma, whether emotional or physical, parts of our soul can splinter off. You may experience fatigue, frequent illness, or have a sense that something is missing and you don’t feel quite right. During our session I will make a shamanic journey to connect with my helping spirits to find lost portions of your soul and bring them back to your present awareness for integration and to leave you with a greater feeling of wholeness.

Extraction Healing:  Accumulation of unwanted energies and spiritual intrusions can cause disease or imbalance in our lives. Left untreated, these can result in physical manifestations, causing great illness. With the assistance of my helping spirits I will find and remove what does not belong, returning you to a greater state of wellbeing.

Divination: Are you looking for guidance on a particular issue? Using a variety of tools I can perform divination to offer you some possible answers to your questions.

Training: I was trained by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies (FSS) – founded by Michael Harner, author of The Shaman’s Way. For a brief overview of Shamanism, I recommend reading We Are Not Alone by Michael Harner.
Availability: I am based in Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, but I also offer distance healing. Please contact me for a free consultation or book your appointment below.

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