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Extender for your bracelet or necklace. Two options available – attached or removable. Please see below for full description.

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If our standard sizes are too small, you can add on an extender chain to either a bracelet or necklace.

Extenders are 2cm (0.8 inches), but if you need more, then just change the quantity (e.g. if you would like a 4cm extension then order two of the extenders).


There are two options – you can either buy a removable extender, or we’ll attach the extender for you.

Removable: There is a clasp at the end, so it can come completely off the chain and be used on other items, or you can remove it if you don’t need it.

Attached: The extender is attached to the original piece and cannot be removed. This gives a more streamlined look as there is no extra clasp.


Consider the length of extra chain when you’re buying and extender. If you wear the piece shorter then you will have a lot of extra chain hanging down.

For bracelets, an attached extender looks neater, but for a necklace, if you don’t mind the extra clasp and want the option to wear it at multiple lengths, then the removable extender is fine.

If you’re ordering multiple items, please contact us to let us know which item the extension is for.