Moonstone ‘Perspective’ Necklace



This beautiful, calming stone will help you to connect, slow down, and realise what a vast universe we live in. You are but one part of this magnificent experience. Remember that. Put things into perspective.

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Look up. Marvel at the vast sky, the stars, the planets, the never-ending space.

We can become so caught up in our life on earth, looking down at our feet, at our phones, being ‘busy’.

Slow down.

We are just a small part of this galaxy. We have a connection to a wider source if we allow ourselves to feel it.

Moonstone is a calming stone that can help relieve emotional stress. It also enhances feminine energy, sensitivity and intuition and is useful for protection during pregnancy or whilst travelling at sea.

This 10mm round stone is set in a decorative bezel on a delicate 42cm sterling silver chain, finished with a lobster clasp and a signature intention jewellery logo stamp.


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