18 years of smoking and 3 attempts of quitting… I saw Sophie as my final attempt to quite via hypnotherapy!! Sophie was amazing… within minutes I was in her hands and had no recollection of what she did.. but it worked!! Sophie is amazing and I felt very safe and cradled throughout the session and the result was a success!! Thank you so much!! x

Sophie, Australia

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy

I can see how this type of therapy could be so helpful for people with depression, or people combatting various problems in their life, or preparing for a mental battle where they’re preparing for strife. Walk towards the light and embrace and release your inner potential!

Seb, Sweden

Neuro Light Therapy

I was a little nervous about trying hypnosis for the first time, but Sophie put me completely at ease. The Ajna light she used was very soothing and I effortlessly drifted into a new, deeper state of consciousness. I felt incredibly light and relaxed afterwards and very calm and soothed. Almost like a massage for the mind. I would definitely recommend.

Natalie, Dubai

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy

I would like to share my experience of this Intuitive Healing & Hypnotherapy with Sophie while visiting Thailand I had a wonderful opportunity to join her i was speechless I felt with a healing experience, I feel more in control and I am not so worried or stressed. I feel so much happier with myself and I was able to uncover some stuff that I had questions too. I recommend this to anyone that wants to be happier with themselves. And I want to thank you Sophie Dubus. Your wonderful I hope to see you again

Mariela, Germany

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy and Shamanic Healing

Sophie was amazing. Her healings and hypnotherapy treatment were sensational. Such a kind gentle soul Sophie is who takes the time to get to know you and make your treatments personalized for you. If your ever in Phuket a visit to Sophie is a must!!

Becky, Australia

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Healing

I came to Sophie for an intrusion extraction and soul loss retrieval. She successfully removed a nasty intrusion from my pineal gland which had been plaguing me for a while. I received instant relief and had the most amazing meditation the morning after. Thank you so much Sophie!

Matt, Australia

Shamanic Healing

Sophie, I’m not quite sure if I’m making this up in my mind or what but your neuro light really worked on improving my anxiety. I got on 4 different planes that day, and normally I would have a panic attack in all 4 of them, but this time was different. I was very calm and with peace within myself. It all went by very smooth. I want to give you a big thank you for that. My energy feels like its been filled with positive vibes!! I’m happy with myself and with my surroundings. This place really changed me for the better. My stay with you has had so many positive effects on myself as a person and I will forever be grateful to you.

Jade, Mexico

Neuro Light Therapy

After feeling out of sorts for a few weeks I decided to try a heal from within session Sophie. Wow. What can I say. I left the treatment feeling like a different person. Things that had been bothering me beforehand were no longer an issue, I let go of my worries, realized my worth & found my zing again!
Sophie is exceptional at what she does. You can tell she’s extremely passionate about her work as her treatments are given with the utmost love & care making you feel completely relaxed & trusting of the whole process. Looking forward to my next session.

Brooke, Dubai

'Heal from Within' Healing Hypnotherapy

The wonderful Sophie was a great help to me. I have problems with my sleep pattern and it was really getting me down. Sophie gave me a series of healing sessions using the light. I must admit I found the sessions incredibly relaxing and beneficial and my sleeping pattern has improved considerably.

Bernadette, Dubai

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy

It’s great, it’s something that I definitely want to continue. I used it for two different things actually. The first time more for trying to let go of the past, any kind of confusion, clearing my mind and the second time more for reducing anxiety. I think the second time I found it more relaxing, more that I could connect within myself. I think maybe it could have been because I’m more used to it now, or the different setting, but I highly recommend it and will definitely be going to see Sophie again.

Giorgi, UK

Neuro Light Therapy

Thanks for all your help – it is just fantastic!!!! I so appreciate it! I’ve gained a lot from meeting you and I’m so thankful.
Yamile, Singapore

Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching

Had the pleasure of joining Sophie & opening up to her Ajna & Neuro Light therapy sessions., I was taken on a peaceful journey of self while being guided throughout the whole process. The visuals i saw cannot be explained but only experienced which i highly reccomend.Definately a great tool if you are looking to fulfill your spiritual cup up. Hope to go back soon.

Jody, Australia

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Healing

My son was diagnosed with Non-hodgkin Lymphoma a few days ago. A friend recommended Sophie for a distance healing for him. I can say whole heartedly that I noticed a changed in him imminently. He woke up this morning saying that he felt energised and ready to start the the day. At this point I didn’t realise that the healing had been completed.
When I received the email confirmation I was astounded with how accurate the information was. Even tho I am already aware of the truth in this practice it still came as an exciting and pleasant surprise to hear the reassuring and accurate information.
An extraction healing and soul portion retrieval identified a stabbing pain in the upper right abdomen. This is where my son has had a central venous line put in which Sophie would have had no way of knowing. Much of the unwanted energy was extracted here. His gallbladder and pancreas were also identified as an area of weakness to work on, get checked and to eat foods to help, our consultant has confirmed that yes there is an issue with these organs. She was also shown scenes from harry potter and his house is ‘Gryffindor’ which is SUPER accurate as this is Eldenes most loved and favourite thing! the entire ward at the hospital and all the nurses and doctors we have come into cintact with knows him to be the biggest harry potter fan!This astounded me! There was also a connection with water that arose, and a need for healing, a possible drowning in a past life. This was a revelation as my son has an irrational fear and anxiety when in open waters lakes or pools, which has not come about due to any event in his present life.
These are just some of the amazing things which came about as part of his healing. I am thrilled by the new outlook on life Eldene has been able to grasp which I feel is thanks to the healing. Eldene was struggling to stay positive but the restoration this has provided to his sense of self and mind has been soul healing and I will be forever grateful.
Danielle, UK

Distance Healing

It was great. I found during the actual process I was very relaxed and felt really really comfortable and it really decreased my anxiety which I didn’t realise that I had until the very end. There was a real freedom there and I didn’t have it before I did the light.

Lyndal, Australia

Neuro Light Therapy

It was absolutely amazing. My body is tingling, my mind is awake. I was so relaxed and yet excited and stimulated at the same time. It felt like I was out of regular normal time – it could have been an hour or it could have been 3 minutes. I feel amazing, it was wonderful!

Leslie, Thailand

Neuro Light Therapy

Thank you so much for our session and for following up with a lot of practical tips to take away which is just what I need!
Jessica, UK

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Healing

You’re such a magical being. Thank you Sophie!

Sasha, USA

Light-Assisted Hypnotherapy

Thanks so much for the session Sophie. I felt so much better after our session!

Radha, Singapore

Intuitive Healing

Sophie is like a calm peach in a sea of chutney!

Henry, UK

Life Coaching with NLP

It felt like rollercoaster but more like a magic carpet ride. With a rollercoaster you have that up and down, jerking motion, this was like a smooth journey with different turns and twists. It kinda reminded me of images I’ve seen of someone surfing and going through the waves and just like that sound coming round you and just going through that funnel. I’ve heard descriptions of that and it felt like that, but it was continuous. It wasn’t really out of body, but more like in to my body and when I was laying down I felt myself sinking deeper and deeper into myself.

Philip, USA

Ajna Light Therapy