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Thailand is a country rich in culture. Colourful, vibrant, sensual. From the rich orange robes of Buddhist monks, to the glistening gold of ornate temples, the turquoise hues of deep vast oceans, and the fragrant flavours of famous cuisine; Thailand has it all.

The problem: As modern times prevail, there is a danger of culture becoming diluted or being lost, especially if we prioritise quantity over quality.

The solution: Providing experiences rich in culture, highlighting the beauty of what Thailand has to offer in terms of its diversity will create valuable memories to be shared with pride.

Culture is something to be treasured, honoured and respected; not exploited.



Community is at the heart of the ethos of responsible tourism and Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles. Meaningful connections enrich the lives of the local communities and tourists alike. When we share a smile or experience a sense of kindness, we are reminded we are all connected.

The problem: The exponential growth in tourism driven by consumerism and profit often reserves little consideration for the people who’s home, environment and livelihood are affected.

The solution: Working together with and being led by local communities, understanding their needs, promoting equality, cultural sensitivity, respecting diversity creates a win-win situation.

Fostering an attitude of people over profit is the key to creating sustainable spaces and better places.



Thailand is known for its beaches, but it also home to a vast array of magnificent wildlife: elephants, tigers, bears, birds and marine life. It is home to national parks of dense, stunning jungle and deep oceans of marine life. Amongst this is an innate knowledge of indigenous plants and herbs with healing qualities.

The problem: Wildlife numbers have declined through exploitation in tourism and illegal wildlife trade. Animals are seldom seen in the wild, animal shows persist and green-washing marketing tactics are rife.

The solution: Authentic marketing guidelines and campaigns allow tourists who care about nature to see what Thailand really has to offer beyond beaches and bars.

The land we live on is shared by many species and every one plays a vital role in this circle of life.



Responsible tourists are key for responsible tourism. With its rich culture, diverse community and breathtaking environment, Thailand is well-placed to attract visitors who respect and honour these. Thailand has a unique opportunity to take centre-stage and showcase its real talents.

The problem: Tourism campaigns of the past have led to Thailand garnering a certain reputation as an affordable, anything goes, location. But reputations can be changed.

The solution: There is huge potential in the surge of certain niches of tourism such as wellness tourism, a sizeable market sector that can deliver triple-bottom line benefits, as well as serving the individual’s needs.

Therapeutic massages are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more to be discovered.



Originally from the UK, my love affair with Thailand began 16 years ago when I travelled here to volunteer with a wildlife rescue centre. I fell in love with the culture, the people and the land.

I have worked within tourism across SE Asia for over a decade, with numerous managerial roles including the Sales & Product Manager for the UK’s leading wellness tourism operator. As the Sales and Communications Manager I helped to establish Uganda’s biggest fundraising event - the Uganda International Marathon.

I hold an MSc in Responsible Tourism Management with a distinction, and wrote my thesis on the ethics of wellness tourism operators. With this knowledge in mind, I moved to Phuket in 2004 to work more deeply within the wellness tourism sector. This is an area I am incredibly passionate about and believe has the potential for a multitude of benefits across the board.

In addition to consulting within wellness, wildlife and responsible tourism, I am a fully trained shamanic practitioner. This further ingrains my respect for the people, the land and the spirits that make up this magical place. I go beyond what is seen by the naked eye to understand on a deeper spiritual level, how the land, and its people, can heal.



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