I primarily trained in the tools that helped me in my own journey. I struggled with many of the same challenges that I now help my clients with, especially self-worth.

I’m grateful for these challenges because it has given me a sense of self-empowerment and a gift to share with others.

My sessions are a distillation of techniques including shamanic healing, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnotherapy and transpersonal psychology.

Power Sessions

I truly believe these sessions I have created are unique.

Drawing on shamanic techniques to access and instil personal power, coupled with coaching and NLP, you will access the root cause of your limiting beliefs and rediscover a new sense of self.


For those clients who have completed a power session with me and want to live a life filled with intention and purpose, I offer 3-6 month coaching packages.

I only take on a small number coaching clients to ensure I can dedicate the time and energy they deserve.

Intentional Living Club

The Intentional Living Club is a private, affordable membership-only club where I share everything I know and have created to help you live your life powerfully and with intention. It contains eBooks, short courses, videos, monthly live group calls, meditations, hypnosis affirmations and more.