Soul Elevation for Intentional Living

Shamanic Soul Sessions Community Offer


If this speaks to your soul and you would like to take part in this special community offer for only £111, please follow the link below to schedule a free 15 minute chemistry call to see if we click!


Here’s a recap of what’s included in the Shamanic Soul Sessions bundle:

1: Guided Soul Journey

A drum journey to connect with your soul and ask its true desires. Thoughtful questions to get you thinking about the next steps in your life. A medicine card reading to elicit messages from guides and the Universe. (1-to-1 over Skype/Zoom)

2: Shamanic Block Clearing

Guidance, tools and techniques on how you can remove a block you are experiencing in an area of your life. You may receive a song, dance, affirmation, ritual or meditation to perform daily for the next 2-3 weeks. (conducted by distance)

3: Shamanic Healing

Removal of negative energy, retrieval of lost soul portions and reconnection to a power animal. Includes email feedback of session results including guidance on how to integrate retrieved soul portions and deepen your connection to your power animal. (conducted by distance)

4: Integration Session

A one-to-one session where we discuss how you are feeling now and where you want to go next. This takes place 2-3 weeks after the previous healing/journey. Integration is an important step towards growth and living in alignment with your highest self. (1-to-1 over Skype/Zoom)




Wow. What can I say. I feel like a different person. Things that had been bothering me beforehand are no longer an issue, I let go of my worries, realised my worth & found my zing again!"

- B, UK

"I was speechless and I felt a deep healing experience. I feel more in control and I am not so worried or stressed. I feel so much happier with myself and I was able to uncover some stuff that I had questions to. I recommend this to anyone that wants to be happier with themselves "

- M, Germany

"I feel that a weight has somehow been lifted off me (and she did this through distance healing) and I feel a lot more positive and optimistic about life. Her insights were (scarily) insightful and spot-on"

- L, Hong Kong